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Emily Ridout

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Grounding women in health and peace. Lead, Live + LOVE from your divine power.

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Essential Sisterhood

I'm NEW to oils! Free essential oils consult (30 min)
If you are new to Essential Oils and want to learn more, this free appointment is for you!
I've got my doTERRA oils -- now what? (30 min)
If you are part of our Essential Oils Sisterhood, and you have received your Oils, book this for an Oils Overview together to answer your questions, learn how to use your online wholesale account, and get you using and loving your Oils. Free.
Essential Sisterhood Mentorship (30 min)
If you are part of our Essential Sisterhood, you're oiling with us, and you want to learn and be coached on your Oils, or your Oils business, this appointment is FREE and is for you!
I want to learn about the doTERRA business Opportunity (30 min)
If you're loving your Oils and want to learn about the sharing Opportunity that doTERRA Essential Oils provide, I can't wait to share with you. Book this appointment. It's a free hour with me

Business Mentorship

Business Mentorship (60 min)
Book this appointment if you are looking for mentorship and empowerment for your business, gaining insight from Emily, a Health & Wellness business visionary for over a decade.
Complimentary Business Consultation (30 min)
This meeting will give you the opportunity to see how having a business coach can transform the way you live your life and run your business.

Spirit Junkie

Spirit Junkie Session (60 min)
Available to Spirit Junkies taking the Level 1 Digital Masterclass through Christine and Emily.


Meditation Session (60 min)
Book here if you wish to do a private Meditation class in person or online together for personal renewal and revitalization. Learn techniques and tools to upgrade the way you feel and live in the world.